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Southern Tyre Learn how Southern Tyre were able to save on their fuel consumption, employee overtime & communication costs with a Forum Fleet telematics solutions.

Morco Fresh See how MorCo Fresh added an additional 20 deliveries each day
across their fleet with a telematics solution from Forum Fleet.

St Johns Discover how a Forum Fleet telematics solutions saw St John Ambulance reduce patient waiting times, increase the number of patient transports per day and minimise patient risk

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"A user friendly system for both drivers and account managers is absolutely worth its weight in gold. Forum Fleet has helped us to change the way we manage our fleet and made the entire process from booking a job to reporting its completion that much easier."

− Matthew Piotrowski, Manager, Sheen Towing Service

"The TomTom Telematics Track and Trace systems installed by Forum Fleet have become an invaluable part of our day-to-day operations. Our employees’ safety is always paramount to us and this helps us ensure that they get to their jobs quickly and safely."

− Garry Tokins, Director, Just Power
About Forum Fleet

As one of TomTom Telematics’ leading Australian distributors, Forum Fleet provides intuitive and cost effective ways of operating and managing your company vehicles. We supply and service Australia wide with the most up to date and efficient fleet management solutions available, constantly working to enhance the productivity of your mobile workforce.


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