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Driver Safety.

Driver safety is important for all businesses but especially to us. You can ensure a safe environment for your drivers by providing direct support to them in-vehicle and with sophisticated tools that can improve driving-style management

Fleet management helps drivers relax

Keep your drivers safe through advanced lane guidance that helps with navigating tricky junctions. Text-to-speech software gives spoken job instructions, and voice recognition makes inputting addresses safe and easy. These are just a snapshot of the features included within each navigation device; minimising driver distractions and helping your workforce keep their focus fully on the road.

Promote safer driving

Active Driver Feedback gives your mobile workforce real-time alerts on dangerous driving styles such as when they steer harshly, brake suddenly or speed. A warning flashes up on a driver’s navigation device. Back in the office, alerts are colour-coded in terms of severity so you can decide straight away whether or not to intervene.

Manage driving time

An important part of fleet management is in keeping track of working hours and making sure that your drivers stay within safe, legal limits for time behind the wheel. You can see in an instant which of your drivers is approaching their limit, and which has got time to spare. We understand that keeping track of the minutes is particularly crucial when it comes to trucks, and transmit real-time tachograph data directly back to you and to keep you in the know.

Improve maintenance scheduling

With a TomTom Telematics solution you can easily determine the precise service requirements of each of your vehicles. Live odometer data is imported straight from your fleet to your maintenance scheduling programmes. So your vehicles are well maintained, and ultimately safer.

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