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Environmental Responsibility.

There are many good reasons to adopt a green driving style: improved safety, increased efficiency, reduced carbon footprints and lowered costs. A TomTom Telematics solution provided by Forum Fleet generates information on driving style, speed, standstill times and CO2 emissions. This means you can act to improve driver safety, improve fuel efficiency, limit risks and reduce pollution.

More and more businesses are recognising the need to reduce their carbon footprint whilst safeguarding their employees. This can be done by monitoring and tracking driving styles across your fleet, discouraging behaviour that is both risky and costly to the driver and the environment. WEBFLEET can generate reports to document your progress.

Eco friendly with fleet management

With our telematics solutions you can generate information on driving style, speed, carbon footprint and idle time across your whole fleet. Set green driving KPIs and measure the performance of your drivers by tracking and working with them to improve driving practices, encouraging a stable, fluid style.

Optimised vehicle usage

Fuel efficient driving is not only good for the environment – it’s good for your bottom line too. Improved fleet management helps minimise mileage and cut down on fuel. In the office you can schedule work more effectively, reducing unnecessary travel and idle time across your fleet. And on the road, your drivers will get the best routing from their device, so they’ll travel less kilometres and use less fuel per job.

Socially responsible

Two key components of your responsibility as a business is minimising your carbon footprint and protecting the safety of your employees. With a fleet management solution from Forum Fleet, you can to do both at once. Our technology allows you to monitor driving styles across your fleet and detect speeding, quick acceleration and harsh braking that can endanger both your drivers and the environment. TomTom solutions work to prevent such behaviours and document your progress with carbon footprint reports.

Not only does greener driving improve your bottom line, it also helps to protect the environment. Navigating using a device with IQ Routes means your drivers travel fewer miles and minimise fuel costs on each journey. In addition, the fleet management solution makes it easier to schedule work effectively, reducing unnecessary mileage and idle time across your fleet. Less wear and tear on your fleet means that your maintenance costs will be lower too.

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