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Fleet Tracking.

Our fleet tracking solutions show you how and when your vehicles are being used so you can optimise processes and improve efficiency. With a TomTom Telematics solution from Forum Fleet you can report on historic vehicle movement and adjust your planning based on real-time data that shows vehicle positioning. Information that is refreshed every ten seconds. You can even view the journey of a particular vehicle and compare it against historical data and/or other vehicles. Providing an instant overview of your fleet, this feature helps to highlight driving patterns and expose anomalies.

Linking your vehicles to back-end processes.

With an integrated GPS receiver that enables vehicle tracking, TomTom’s in-vehicle tracking system provides invaluable insights back at the office. Our solutions enable you to streamline business operations and processes from start to finish. By simply logging into our secure online environment, you can monitor every vehicle’s journey and make evidence-based decisions. And because tracking data is updated every 60 seconds, you always have the latest information in front of you.

Boosting driver efficiency.

Our vehicle tracking devices, which feature integrated G-force sensors, detect driving behaviours that impact fuel consumption such as over-steering and harsh braking. By monitoring these driver habits, you can see which drivers require support and take action to improve their driving style. Idle time and current speeds are also tracked, giving you a complete picture of driver activity. Coupled with GPS tracking solutions which enable two way communication with vehicles, you are more easily able to dispatch a job and and improve your fleet’s efficiency.

Vehicle tracking and fuel savings

We understand that rising fuel prices can be a real drain on resources. Fuel consumption and maintenance bills can make up about 30% of the total cost of owning a vehicle. Responding to this pressure, our vehicle tracking systems help you to save fuel and cut costs, in some cases, they have been proven to help drivers travel 16% fewer kilometres and spend 18% less time on the road. From optimising individual driving behaviour to monitoring efficiency across the fleet, our vehicle tracking systems give you all the tools you need to generate instant fuel savings. And also help bring the dream of uncongested roads one step closer.

Our Products.

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