Reduce costs, offer more competitive rates, and excel in service delivery. Forum Fleet will help your fleet get across town faster and give drivers an easier, safer, worry-free journey.

Deliver on time every time

If you’re running a courier service, you’ll know people don’t like to be kept waiting. Our solutions can help you keep your customers in the loop with the progress of their delivery. You’ll receive real-time information on your driver’s position so you can update your customers as soon as there’s a delay and give them a reliable ETA.

Make your service more competitive

With so much competition in the courier industry, keeping your costs down is key to holding on to customers. Our technology can help you save money on communication and fuel – so you can offer your customers the best possible rates. As soon as a call comes in for a delivery you’ll be able to pass the information instantly to the closest driver, without needing to pick up the phone. You’ll also save on unnecessary mileage thanks to our state-of-the-art navigation system that uses real speed data and live traffic information to guide your vehicles from one pick-up to the next safely, reliably and as quickly as possible.

Keep your couriers on the move

Delivery drivers spend so much time on the road and hold-ups to their journeys can waste a lot of time and cause them undue stress. Our solutions can help your fleet get across town faster, by avoiding traffic jams and unnecessary detours – giving your delivery drivers an easier, safer, worry-free journey. You’ll also be able to track your vehicles to ensure they’re being driven safely, as well as how long drivers spend behind the wheel during each working day.

Our Customers.

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