Provide reliable proof of time spent providing care, whilst cutting down on costs. Key to telematics solutions involving the health industry is visibility. Know where your vehicles are, what they’re doing and maximise crew productivity.

Proof of care made easy

When you’re managing a team of care workers, it’s important to have a comprehensive and accurate understanding of where your fleet is. Our solutions ensure that you have a full overview of where all of your staff are, so that when a call comes in, you can dispatch the nearest carer, improving your efficiency and response times. Dealing with strict emergency response times and insurance regulations, TomTom technology also gives you the proof you need to ensure compliance, with automatic reports detailing how many hours carers spend with patients and on the road between visits. Understanding the importance of delivery … a telematic solution from Forum Fleet can also help carers avoid traffic and unnecessary detours to reach their patients as quickly and safely as possible.

Reduce your overheads

When you’re managing teams of carers in the healthcare sector, often budget concerns can come into play. A telematics solution from Forum Fleet can help you save money on fuel, communication and admin, allowing you to focus your resources where they matter. Our vehicle tracking technology and two-way communication system let you locate the nearest care worker and instantly send them a patient’s details – saving you unnecessary mileage and phone calls. Our reliable reports provide information regarding the number of miles driven by staff, helping you manage their expenses claims, as well as cutting down time and costs spend on admin.

Help your team care more efficiently

If you want your medical staff to perform at their best, it’s important to know how much work they can do in a day. With our vehicle tracking technology, you can keep an eye on the time they spend with patients, getting from one care facility to the next, and on breaks – so you can quickly spot areas for improvement and help your staff care for their patients more efficiently.

Our Customers.

Healthcare_St Johns

Below is an example of a solution Forum Fleet and Forum IT was able to develop for St John Ambulance Australia.

5. St Johns Solution Diagram


This innovative Cloud Patient Case Booking System utilises the latest in TomTom’s fleet management technology, ensuring optimum productivity and transparency. Fleet visibility was a key component of the St John’s brief. They needed to know where their vehicles were, what they were doing and required a solution that maximised crew productivity. Forum Fleet was able to introduce a sophisticated rostering system where shifts are now determined and allocated according to the skills required by crew members, to the type of transportation and equipment needed for each case. The solution also contains a comprehensive case log, detailing patient history to ensure all necessary medical records are accessible, helping to minimise risks associated with administering medications & procedures without prior patient knowledge. As booking forms are now completed online, the solution provides hospitals & health care providers with up to the minute information on the state of patients before their arrival. By implementing Forum Fleet’s Cloud Patient Case Booking System, St John has reduced patient waiting times, increased the number of patient transports per day, and minimised patient risk by providing advanced notice of patient history to hospitals & healthcare providers.

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