Maintenance & Service.

Driver downtime costing you time and money? Help technicians provide a faster, more reliable service that increases efficiency and improves your bottom line.

Punctuality to be proud of

Whether you manage a team of tradesmen such as plumbers, electricians or cleaners, it’s important that they turn up at your customers’ door on time, stress-free and ready to get on with the job. Our telematics solutions use live information to guide your mobile workforce through traffic quickly and safely. What’s more, our vehicle tracking system lets you keep an eye on delays and will proactively alert a customer as soon as you think they’ll be late. You can also use this tracking information to provide more transparent bills, detailing exactly how long the tradesman spent on a job.

Increase billable time

Our telematics solutions help substantially reduce costs and increase billable time. You’ll receive real-time information about a job, which you can relay instantly to your technician’s device, saving you up to 40% on mobile phone charges. You’ll also save time and money on fuel with state-of-the-art navigation that uses live traffic and route information to get your drivers to customers with no unnecessary detours. The technology in place uses information regarding local traffic conditions to guide them through the safest routes and avoid accidents. Because you’ll make fewer claims, you’ll cut down on costly insurance premiums too.

Make driving a pleasure and boost motivation

Being able to travel quickly from one job to another has a great impact on a technician’s productivity. A telematics solution from Forum Fleet will help you manage your fleet in the smartest way to avoid downtime between jobs. Our vehicle tracking system allows you to send the nearest available technician to a job. It also makes drivers more accountable, as you’ll be able to follow how much time they spend working, idling and with a customer. Finally, you’ll cut down on time spent on admin with our system that generates reliable detailed reports on information such as kilometers driven, fuel consumption and time spent behind the wheel.

Our Customers.

Just Power

Just Power has reduced its employee overtime by 20% by being able to cross check timesheets against the location of the staff and their assigned job site since Forum Fleet installed the TomTom LINK 530 Track and Trace systems in November 2013.

After the installation of the telematics solution, there has been an overall reduction in fuel consumption by 15%. The Track and Trace system has also helped improve driver safety by significantly reducing speeding fines and traffic infringements.

By giving Just Power improved visibility over its fleet and employees, as well as efficient job planning, it means that it can undertake more work while simultaneously maintain its high standards of customer service.

The TomTom Telematics Track and Trace systems installed by Forum Fleet have become an invaluable part of our day-to-day operations. Our employees’ safety is always paramount to us and this helps us ensure that they get to their jobs quickly and safely.

Garry Tokins, Director, Just Power

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Sheen Towing Service

Since June 2013 when Forum Fleet installed the TomTom Telematics system in 12 of their vehicles, Sheen Towing Service has seen a 30 percent increase in the number of jobs it is able to undertake and a substantial decrease in vehicle downtime.

The fleet management solution enables the company to accurately record fuel and maintenance costs as well as keep a close eye on its vehicle and driver health and safety requirements. As the TomTom Telematics solution is cloud-based, Sheen Towing Service can fully customise its fleet reports from anywhere in the world while allocating and monitoring its drivers on the job. This visibility has also seen Sheen Towing Service achieve 100 percent accuracy in reconciling invoices and employee timesheets, further improving backend operations.

A user friendly system for both drivers and account managers is absolutely worth its weight in gold. Forum Fleet has helped us to change the way we manage our fleet and made the entire process from booking a job to reporting its completion that much easier.

Matthew Piotrowski, Manager, Sheen Towing Service

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Southern Tyre Service

Forum Fleet implemented a TomTom Telematics solution that has seen an increase of two additional jobs per vehicle per day, or 30 jobs per day in total. The fleet management solution enables Southern Tyre Service to accurately record fuel and maintenance costs as well as keep a close eye on its vehicle and driver health and safety requirements. By overseeing areas like fuel use and vehicle maintenance, it has been able to significantly reduce its overall fuel consumption by 10 percent across its vehicle fleet. The on-road benefits extend to the backend operations with a seven percent reduction in communication costs through minimised phone bills as well as providing more time for employees to focus on other jobs, in turn improving staff productivity. The office team now has full visibility of the drivers and their pending workloads increasing efficient staff management and reducing the employee overtime by five percent.

Having never used a fleet management or telematics solution before, the improvements we’ve achieved have been very significant both in terms of how we manage our vehicle fleet and service our customer base. This has allowed us to expand our business daily.

Tim Ball, General Manager, Southern Tyre Service

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