Sales Fleets.

Track the productivity of your sales force and ensure you’re compliant with all relevant legislation and taxation requirements.

Get real-time performance reports

When you’re business is dependent on hitting sales targets, it’s important to keep an eye on how effective your teams are in the field. What’s more, when they’re trying to fit in as many appointments as possible, you want to make sure they’re staying safe on the road. With a TomTom Telematics solution from Forum Fleet, you have detailed, reliable reports on the number of sales made, time behind the wheel, stops made – so you can track your team’s productivity. Our navigation system will also guide your sales team quickly and safely from one appointment to the next, using live information to find the best possible route.

Keep your costs down

When your sales force spends so much time on the road, fuel costs can quickly add up. Our navigation solutions can save you money on unnecessary mileage by using real-time traffic updates and speed data to guide your team efficiently from one appointment to the next.

Calculate taxable mileage

Sales representatives can often use their cars for both work and personal journeys, so our solutions make it easy to track exactly how many kilometres are taxable. You’ll get detailed information on the car’s usage such as mileage, fuel consumption, driver behaviour, and the number of stops made to spend time with customers. Having just been awarded the Fringe Benefit Tax Class Ruling (CR 2014/69) by the Australian Taxation Office, our technology is a recognised source for taxation related record keeping, ensuring you meet requirements regarding vehicle log book and odometer information.