Transport & Distribution.

If your business is dependent on its compliance with strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs), a Forum Fleet telematics solution will give you the control you need to meet compliance and keep your drivers safe on the roads.

Adhere to local directives and strict SLAs

In the transport and logistics industry, compliance is particularly important. Not keeping to Service Level Agreements (SLAs) can have significant ramifications. Our solutions allow you to see exactly how long your drivers spend behind the wheel, and who has enough hours remaining to complete the next job. You’ll also avoid late delivery fees thanks to reliable tracking reports that keep you up to date on your drivers’ progress every step of the way.

Track your drivers’ working hours

When you pay your drivers by the hour or kilometer, accurate and reliable reporting is key. Our telematics solutions let you see exactly how well your drivers are performing, thanks to real-time reports that tell you how long they spend driving, with customers and on breaks. Not only will this help boost performance, you’ll also have comprehensive proof for customers that you are complying with SLAs.

Our Customers.

MorCo Fresh

Since TomTom Telematics was first implemented by Forum Fleet in July 2013, MorCo Fresh has seen an average increase in productivity of two additional deliveries per vehicle per day.

The office team now has full visibility of the drivers and their pending workloads. The drivers also benefit from TomTom’’s intelligent navigation and live traffic information to keep them moving at all times.

By using a fleet management solution, MorCo Fresh is able to report and manage its vehicle and driver health and safety requirements, as well as fuel and maintenance costs. By being able to proactively monitor speeding and driving conditions, fuel consumption and maintenance expenditure costs have been significantly reduced across the vehicle fleet.

“Forum Fleet’s solutions has given our business a strong competitive edge now we have real-time and historic data to maximise our whole operations. The reports that we receive via email are customised to our requirements and provide our administration staff with accurate data to cross check and manage both driver behaviour and invoicing. My experience with Forum Fleet and TomTom Telematics hardware has been impressive and I look forward to working with them in the future on some of the exciting projects we have on the horizon.”

Nicholas Moraitis General Manager, MorCo Fresh NSW

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