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A fleet management solution from Forum Fleet is anything but out-of-the-box. Partnering with Forum Fleet allows you to access to a comprehensive suite of integrated opportunities typically unavailable.

Connecting seamlessly with your existing system and software, TomTom WEBFLEET.connect gives you all the benefits of a totally connected fleet and workforce management solution.

TomTom WEBFLEET.connect has been designed to work with the applications you currently use for your dispatch, scheduling, service and accounting processes, providing them with real-time vehicle and job status information from your fleet. Enabling you with instant access to current and historical journey data, working hours, arrival times, mileage and much more, TomTom WEBFLEET.connect gives you all the benefits of integrating with your existing business systems.

Integrating your processes with TomTom WEBFLEET.connect will benefit your business in many ways. What you can look forward to is smoother, faster processes thanks to high quality data exchange. Greater reliability, as you’ll be working with accurate, real-time and automated data. Increased efficiency, because you can plan and respond to jobs faster and more effectively. Also raised productivity, as your enhanced business processes will enable you to get more jobs done in the day.

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