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Job Dispatch.

Impress customers with your reliable and efficient operation using the smart order dispatch processes and practices from Forum Fleet. Our sophisticated web-based application, WEBFLEET gives dispatchers and operations managers real-time information to make immediate and effective decisions. Your operators are equipped with a professional navigation device on which they will receive orders and instructions.

Dynamic workflow

Dynamic fleet management allows you to track the location of your fleet on a digital map, and see which team member is best placed to take on a new job. It allows you to send written instructions directly to your drivers and then monitor the route they take to the customer. And the moment their job’s completed, it gives you a status update. All of which adds up to an efficient, dynamic and responsive order dispatch and handling service.

Efficient communications

Save money and keep your dialogue efficient and safe with fully text-based communications. Messages can go from the office via text straight to a driver’s device, complete with details of order type, address, customer contact details and special instructions. Conversely, drivers can send back pre-set status messages, alerts in the event of a breakdown, and compose their own text messages. So there are no costly phone calls for you, while your drivers have a safe way to keep you updated.

Increased productivity

Want a smart way to enhance the performance of your business? Then take advantage of the fleet management data that is available within WEBFLEET for the previous 90 days. You can download it as a report whenever you want it, take the data and process it yourself, or arrange for reports to be emailed to you periodically. All of which can give you unparalleled insight to help make your fleet and your whole business more productive.

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