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Management Reporting.

Whilst your mobile workforce travels, back in the office, you need real-time information to retain control, manage costs, improve services and ensure productivity no matter how many vehicles you’re running. At the heart of each Forum Fleet solution is WEBFLEET, TomTom’s web-based application that puts business-critical intelligence at your fingertips.

Extensive reporting

This innovative online tool underpins all fleet management activity, delivering real-time information to operations managers and dispatchers. This information can be used to generate specially designed reports based on data logged by the vehicle tracking system. By generating reports regarding mileage, individual trips and working hours, our solutions can help you focus on key areas such as quality of service, fuel efficiency and legal compliance.

Data integration

The data produced can be integrated into a range of business applications to help you boost performance across your business. How can you do this? You can add working hours data into your payroll and accounting programs and you can create activity-based invoices that show the actual time spent on each job, using business mileage data.

Our Products.

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