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Our unique navigation technologies have been shown to cut journey times by an average of 18%. We do this by helping drivers choose the best route, ensuring they travel between customers safely, quickly and on time. Helping you save time while meeting customer demands, it’s a big step towards efficient fleet management.

Best maps

Roads change by up to 15% each year, and we ensure our maps are as accurate as possible, releasing new versions of our maps up to four times a year. This accuracy, reduces driver downtime. Each updates works to improve operational efficiency and productivity.

IQ Routes

Most navigation companies know the speed limits of different roads, but we know a lot more. TomTom’s IQ Routes use the world’s largest database of real travel times to give your drivers the fastest routes and reliable ETAs. It takes into account roundabouts, traffic lights, and even crowds at different times of day. So your drivers can impress customers with their reliability while wasting less time and fuel on each journey.

Help your drivers relax

Our innovative navigation device features advanced lane guidance that helps with tricky junctions. New text-to-speech software gives spoken instructions and messages so your drivers can relax and focus on driving safely. And this technology is also helping to bring the dream of uncongested roads one step closer.

Award winning navigation

TomTom Telematics have won countless awards which are a testament to our continuing commitment to making journeys easier, faster and more predictable. We are continually looking at ways to enhance and develop our technology, improving fleet management and delivering industry leading solutions.

Our Products.

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